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Mr. Ites Remix Micronomade

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Attention Dub enthusiasts!

Mr. Ites Remix Micronomade, released in June 2020, is your passport to a world of pulsating rhythms and infectious grooves. This 16-track album is a masterclass in Dub, featuring both inspired remixes and Mr. Ites' own unique interpretations of classic tracks.

Prepare to be captivated by:

  • The masterful touch of Mr. Ites, a true legend in the Dub scene.
  • Stellar collaborations with renowned artists like Falu Quilombo, Ras Makka, Luiz de Assis, and more.
  • 16 tracks that seamlessly blend classic Dub with a contemporary edge, keeping the genre fresh and exciting.
  • A sonic journey that ranges from the spiritually uplifting "Faith in Jah" to the raw power of "New Dub Order."

Mr. Ites Remix Micronomade is more than just an album, it's an experience. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Dub, from its roots to its modern evolutions.

This collection is a must-have for:

  • Dub aficionados seeking a fresh perspective on the genre.
  • Newcomers eager to explore the depths of Dub music.
  • Anyone who craves infectious rhythms and soulful vibes.

Don't just listen, feel the Dub! Download your copy of Mr. Ites Remix Micronomade today!

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